Who Is Lexi Wood? Everything You Need to Know About Brooklyn Beckham’s New Flame

Brooklyn Beckham shocked fans after being spotted kissing model Lexi Wood in a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles – especially since most people didn’t realize his high-profile relationship with actress Chloë Grace Moretz was over. While we might not know exactly when and how things ended with Chloë, Brooklyn’s flirty makeout session with Lexi made us wonder: who exactly is the new leading lady in Brooklyn’s life?

Canadian-born Lexi might be best known for her sultry spread in Playboy, but the 20 year old has also posed for top fashion magazines like Vogue Japan, Cosmopolitan Russia, and Galore. Lexi first started modeling at the age of 16, when she moved to Paris with her sister, and she revealed to Galore magazine that being bullied in high school is what really pushed her to pursue her modeling dreams. “I was bullied by a bunch of girls. I ended up leaving school to be home-schooled, but I wish I would have stuck it out and stood my ground. Thankfully, being home-schooled allowed me to pursue modeling more seriously.”

If she wasn’t a model, Lexi would still be working toward a career in the fashion industry. “I would probably be a designer. I’m always taking the clothes I buy and customizing them to make them my own, so I would love to have the ability to make something from scratch,” she once told GQ magazine.

We may not know where they met, but it’s possible that Instagram is where Lexi first caught Brooklyn‘s attention, as he is one of her 114,000 followers. Her feed is a perfectly curated mix of photos from modeling gigs and off-duty selfies, so it’s easy to see how she has gained such a large following. Click through to see what her social feed is made of.

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