E.L.F. Just Launched a Brightening Mask That's "Like a Halo For Your Face"

If a sheet mask isn’t part of your Sunday night beauty routine, it needs to be. It feels so good to just throw one on, sit back, relax, and let the skin-soothing formula sink into your pores. If you’re in need of another, look no further than E.L.F.‘s three new sheet masks.

The Soothing Sheet Mask ($2) is made with aloe, cucumber, and green tea, so it helps relax your skin. The Detoxifying Bubble Mask ($4) is infused with charcoal, and it bubbles up to help draw out dirt and impurities from your skin. Finally, the Brightening Sheet Mask ($2) is infused with lemon, and helps to brighten dark spots, pigmentation, and dullness.

You could purchase all three for just $8. Good luck beating that – it is so affordable. The masks are set to go on sale in mid-April, don’t forget to set those calendar alerts!

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