This Popular Purple Maybelline Palette Is FINALLY Available in the US

Yes, Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, but purple’s reign doesn’t stop there. In fact, we predict burgundy might give its color cousin some major competition this – because the popular Maybelline palette of that hue is finally available in the US.

Back in December, the brand tweeted, “Who wants us to bring our European exclusive #BurgundyBar palette to the US?” The Burgundy Bar is a shimmer and matte palette that contains 12 pans of moody purple tones. We’ve been obsessed with it ever since we saw it floating around Instagram earlier this year, but alas, way back when it was only available in Europe.

That all just changed, because Maybelline has released the Burgundy Bar ($10) on Amazon. Take this news as further proof that you finally need to go rock a purple smokey eye! (Smurple eye, duh).

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