Hooters focusing on delivery for those who love the wings, but are too embarrassed to actually go there

As we head into 2018, these are heady days for chain restaurants. The blood-thirsty reign of millennials is already killing off the industry, from Buffalo Wild Wings to TGI Friday’s. The answer from many of the sit-down spots has been to start offering delivery service. Head to DoorDash and you’ll be able to order Cheesecake Factory without having to sit down and read that enormous menu. Friday’s and Chili’s are both available on GrubHub. And other restaurants, such as Outback, are offering delivery themselves and cutting out the middleman.

Hooters has always been an interesting case, long before the industry took a nosedive. Very clearly marketed as a place for dudes, bros, and dudebros, it’s not exactly the kind of restaurant most people think of when they’re looking for a family night out (though if you do, no judgment here). The suggestive name, scantily-clad waitstaff, and reputation as a “breastaurant” has always limited its appeal as a destination. Even those who love their signature hot wings might think twice before heading there for lunch or offering it up as a suggestion out of embarrassment.

Hooters knows this. In fact, Chief Executive Terry Marks recently said at the ICR Retail conference in Orlando that “many people wouldn’t step foot in our restaurants, but they want our product.”

The solution is, of course, to start offering home delivery. After testing out the service at seven locations in early 2016, they’ve now expanded it to 96 and expect to continue doing so in 2018.

Before we go any further, we do need to answer your most pressing question. No, the delivery person is not going to be a Hooters Girl. Yes, it might be a female delivery person, and they are acting on behalf of Hooters, so technically they fit the definition, but they will not be wearing a skimpy outfit. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.

As restaurant consultant Clark Wolf told the NY Post, the delivery service also gives shady men a good excuse if their significant other discovers a charge from Hooters on their credit card. “Now if your partner sees a credit-card charge that says Hooters,” says Wolf, “you can say it was delivered.”

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