Christmas or Xmas may be the highest popular festival around the globe even it is celebrated approximately all religious sects. It is said that the word Xmas came from a secular attempt to remove the religious tradition from Christmas by taking the “Christ” out of “Christmas” in the 16th century.

Evergreen Bollywood Songs on Xmas to celebrate the Mary Christmas  

Bollywood is the highest entertainment products (movie, drama, songs, etc) manufacturer in the world. Including Mary Xmas in Bollywood movies is not new tradition as it was started from the beginning days.
Our editor in chief asked to collect top 10 Xmas songs from Bollywood and I have done a deep digging to do the same. After entering to find the best evergreen Christmas songs from Bollywood gives lots of pain as there are thousands of songs and each and every one best suits for Mary Xmas.

1. Kaisa Suhana Mausam – top and best Hindi Christmas song

2. Bada Din Aaya Re – Hindi Christmas Song (5 songs)

3. Hindi Christmas Song- Ek Tara Chamka Hein (10 Songs)

I am not a Christian faith believer but I respect all religion as every religion stands for peace and harmony. So, Hope , this Mary Christmas will bring new hope , happiness and peace among the communities around the world.  

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